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Danielle Molinski, Stephanie Johnson

This week we debut a new feature on Style Compass, SJ Fans & Friends, where we highlight personal stories from real people who travel chic with Stephanie Johnson bags.  First up, we’re profiling Danielle Molinski, Gallery Director at Terra Firma Gallery in Berkeley, CA.

Here’s Danielle’s story:

Dear Stephanie,

Thank you so much for your beautiful bags.  I love them; they are addictive!

I was introduced to my first SJ at my health club in Corte Madera, CA.  I spotted your Nolita Grace Brush Case and I was intrigued. . . I’m usually an impulse buyer but I’m trying to be good these days so I said, ok step away from the bag and breathe. . . I don’t know how but I convinced myself to think about it.  I felt proud (and bummed) at the same time.  I do have lots of makeup and travel bags at home but they all became very boring to me after I saw Nolita.  I have to admit that I dreamt of it that night.  The next day I was on a mission to buy that bag!

Danielle Molinski, Stephanie Johnson, Miami Yellow Jumbo copy

I even got a little bit of anxiety when I was driving there.  What if the bag had sold???  I was happy to see it there waiting for me.  I then took everything out of my old makeup bag right there on the counter, happily finding places for all my makeup, brushes and even my toothbrush!  Total bliss. I love organization!  I have to admit that after getting the case, I decided that I needed new and better makeup as well so all looks nice inside my super cute case.
I’m having fun learning more about your brand.  I honestly had never seen your pieces until my encounter with Nolita.  I enjoy browsing the many great new and old styles you have created.  I also follow your blog, Facebook posts (love Throwback Thursdays) and Pinterest.  Pretty awesome traveler life you have!  You seem like a cool chick.

I’m in my late 30’s and my oldest son is a sophomore at NYU.  I have another son, leaving for college in two years.  I feel like I have a little more time for myself now.  You might wonder why I’m writing all of this to you. . . well. . . I guess it’s because now that my kids are grown, I feel that I can finally be a girly girl too and not just a mom.  I have been raising my boys since I was very young and now I have the opportunity to finally be more adventurous with makeup and beauty products and really take the time to rediscover myself and take care of my body.  So your bags are kind of like that for me:  they hold all my pretty things and new found girlie-ness.

Danielle Molinski, Torino Jenny Train Case copy

I’m a real fan of your work and just wanted to say thanks and for being a part of this new phase of my life.  I really admire smart, beautiful and talented people and I felt compelled to share this little novel with you and to let you know what a not so average girl, with a not so average life is thinking!  I’m really having a great time with my life and I feel blessed.

Since my first SJ, one month and a half ago, I have acquired the rest of the Nolita set plus almost a dozen other pieces from your website and others.  I love the Torino and the bright colors of the Malibu collection.  Those are next on my list.  As you can see, I haven’t been too good at trying to be good!  You can never have enough SJs! 🙂

Thanks Stephanie!

Danielle Molinski

Gallery Director at Terra Firma Gallery

Contemporary Fine Art & Designer Jewelry, Berkeley, CA.

Danielle Molinski, Stephanie Johnson, SJ arsenal, insider her handbag copy

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