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Capri is serious FUN.  I’ve been a couple of times before and always had a great time, and I was pretty sure than no return trip could live up to past experiences.  So happy to report that I was wrong!  In fact, this trip – to celebrate good friend and ThisNext Editor-in-Chief Mary Alice Haney’s birthday –  eclipsed all those that came before and may go down in history as one of the longest dance parties on record (for me at least)!

In truth, this blog is a big fat thank you to birthday girl Mary Alice for bringing us halfway across the globe for the best three day celebration ever!


Número UNO/Número Due

The place doesn’t open till 1:30am so rest up.  We skipped the line and were escorted to a banquet along the wall next to the band.  Yes, we danced on the banquet and yes, we sang with the band!  I loved the drummer who sweetly shared his drum sticks with me and let me play along.  I am sooooo taking drum lessons.  At some point a famous Italian singer took to the piano and serenaded the crowd followed by a song sung by his rocker son.  Not bad for our first night on island!

Taverna Anema e Core

Not as intimate as Número UNO/Due, you access the main room by walking down a flight of stairs with glossy photos papering both walls around you.  Fun to see all the stars that have walked these steps before you, everyone from Tom Cruise to Rihanna (spotted in the lobby at Hotel Quisisana while we were there!)  For Mary Alice they busted out huge sparklers and champagne, a giant poster of the birthday girl herself, a t-shirt with her photo, and flags with her picture were waved by the crowd as everyone danced on large tables opposite the band.  Yes, I danced and sang on stage and the lead singer didn’t seem to mind that I blocked her from view.


The anthem for our trip was most definitely Katy Perry’s Firework!


I traveled with a carry-on as I was only there 4 nights and with so many planes, trains and ferries and yachts it is better not to risk losing luggage!  Chic Jackie O shades are a must.  Large brim hat and bikini are essential.  A simple local beach tote.  A cover-up (I’m way addicted to Letarte).  A seriously sexy halter dress (or 3) with strappy sandals for night.  Done!

For style inspiration, check out Mary Alice’s Summer in Capri! collection on

Want even more Capri?  Check out my next blog for tips on fabulous resorts, delicious cuisine, and out-of-this world sightseeing!


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