A few weekends ago, I spent the most perfect New York City Saturday with my daughter Erela.  New York hasn’t been the easiest adjustment for this California girl, but a day like this goes a long way toward making me an NYC lover.

Some of you may know The McKittrick Hotel as the home of Sleep No More and not a hotel at all.  For those of you familiar with the Sleep No More experience, I’m sure you’d agree that it’s not for the underage set, so imagine my happy surprise that they were opening up their gorgeous roof garden, Gallow Green, to our littlest guests for a special event.  Specifically, a gorgeous morning where we were welcomed by the ‘hotel’ staff, sung to by our elevator operator and shown to a table for two.  Actually, three, as they had asked ahead for the name of the doll or ‘pet’ that would be joining us.  Alas, Erela explained that she didn’t want her Saige doll to get dirty and besides she was “sick.”  Our table had a basil plant on it as well as simple place cards and a bib with an ‘S’ on it for our missing guest, Saige.  They came around with pink lemonade while Erela visited the gardener who was steps away at his wheelbarrow potting plants and planting seeds.  Erela joined in the fun and came back with a pot that she had placed a wax bean seed in.

Next, we feasted on cucumber-mint sandwiches, cheddar cheese toasties (so good!), deviled eggs, and codfish fingers with tartar.  Pera came by the table and invited Erela to join her for a garden walk where they pressed flowers and saw where the fairies live (cool).  Upon returning to the table we gobbled up peanut butter squares, lemon bars, and red velvet cupcakes just in time for Annabella, the potions mistress, to come by and ask Erela to join her in making a potion.  As they walked around the garden picking rosemary and mint and thyme and settled into a circle to concoct potions with rosé water, seeds and shells, I took in the NYC skyline and smiled.

Two hours after arrival it was time to leave and head to Lincoln Center for a matinee performance of Swan Lake, followed by dumplings at Shun Lee Cafe, and finally Ghostbusters in the park under a perfect autumn sky.  Total heaven, and total New York.