Chic Traveler:  Sally Horchow

Occupation:  Broadway Producer, Curator/Host of

Hometown:  Los Angeles

Dream destination?

Dream destination I love to go for vacation:  St. Barth’s, Nantucket

Dream destination I have never been to:  South Africa

What’s always inside your carry on?

Socks (for going through security and wearing on a cold flight), my SJ cosmetic bag with mini versions of my make-up for touch-ups, and my first generation iPad (loaded with plays to read and past episodes of Girls, Mad Men, and Downton Abbey to watch).

Your guilty pleasure while traveling?

Room service breakfast in bed!  Such a waste of money, but such an awesome indulgence!

The Stephanie Johnson bag / bags that always make the trip?

ML Traveler!

Any tips or must-pack items for making your hotel feel more like home?

A sachet for your unmentionables, small portable iPod speakers to play your own music.

Is there a particular destination that inspires your creativity?

Anyplace new.  NYC always.

What’s the most stylish city/locale you’ve visited? 

Paris and Hong Kong, natch.

Anywhere in particular where the fashion/beauty/women’s personal style really blew you away?

Copenhagen had surprisingly stylish folks.

Next on your Stephanie Johnson wish list?

A shape named after me!  (I know so many of the other ladies; I have serious jealousy issues about it.)

What’s your favorite SJ piece to give as a gift?

Medium Zip Cosmetic.

Is there a favorite possession you’ve acquired during your travels?  What is it?

My custom-made orange hand-embroidered table runner (extra long for my long dining table!)


Favorite travel ritual or souvenir: (Do you always visit a local book shop?  Hunt down the best cappuccino?  Pick up a tree ornament depicting your destination?)

I always take a walk around the neighborhood upon arrival in a new place – even if just around the block.  New ritual souvenir when traveling with my boyfriend: a charm for the bracelet he gave me.

Your personal travel style: (Do you like a luxury resort?  A private hideaway?  Do you prefer to lie on the beach?  Explore the countryside?)

Small luxury resort on an island beach with great dining options abounding.

The one thing that you cannot leave home without?

My old-school Canon Sureshot

How do you pack for a trip? (Are you a list maker? Do you pack in outfits? Throw caution to the wind and shop when you arrive?)

I pack for each planned day, outfit-by-outfit.  Very strategic.  Takes hours, a separate hanging rack in my guest room, and a clear head!

Favorite pre-travel or travel-friendly beauty routine?

I like to take a shower the night before I travel and then dry my hair in the morning before leaving for the airport.  I wear basic make-up until just before the plane lands, when I apply mascara, etc.

First drink in the air:  H2O, champagne or OJ?

H2O, or a glass of red wine if an overnight flight.

Checked bag or carry-on?

Carry-on as much as possible – sending other luggage ahead via

Favorite Airport?  Why?

ACK (Nantucket) – Because I’m always so happy when I get there, and it’s so mellow and small, it makes it easier to deal with when I have to leave.

On your reading list?

New books I have pre-ordered on Amazon:  Malcolm Glawell’s David and Goliath, and A. Scott Berg’s Wilson.

Favorite in-flight pastime?

Catching up on magazines; I love watching the Boing Boing Network on Virgin America.

Any tips for breezing through airport security?

Get TSA Pre and Global Entry.  Life changing!

Window or aisle?

Aisle for sure.  I get up every 25 minutes in a flight, if only to stretch my legs.

Your flight’s delayed:  best way to kill time at the airport?

Drink wine.  What else is there to do?

How often do you fly?

Every two weeks.

Go-to flying ‘uniform?’

It changes every few months, but my latest is: Vince khakis (no belt needed), tank top with a “shelf” (so as to avoid wearing an uncomfortable bra), J. Crew soft cotton button down, camo scarf from Urban Outfitters (to pull outfit together/doubling as extra warmth), Cole Haan black flats with rubber soles.