Stephanie-Johnson,-Athens,-No offense to Athens but when Marlien and I missed the connecting flight to New York and found out we were going to be stranded there for not one but two nights, we were anything but enthusiastic.  The good news is we loved it!


Marlien and I have been stranded before in cities that were never on the itinerary so we knew just what to do.  One collect call into Platinum American Express Travel Services and we were on our way to the King George Hotel.  A complimentary upgrade to a junior suite was the perfect remedy for a travel mishap, as was the complementary lunch complete with a view of the Acropolis.

We intended to check out The New Hotel and see what all the hype is about but somehow we missed it.  Where the King George is classical elegance with brocade and moldings, the New Hotel screams ‘it’ hotel and modern hipster with an artsy vibe.


Duh.  Visit the ancient ruins that thankfully were walking distance from our hotel.  Climb the ascent to the Acropolis and take in views of a very dense yet sprawling Athens.  Make sure to pack your parasol to protect from the blistering sun!

We loved walking everywhere and generally getting lost.  There are tons of shops and classical tavernas in the neighboring areas of Plaka and Monastiraki.  The graffiti is mind blowing as it is absolutely everywhere, wrapping subway cars and any available surface.  It brought back memories of Keith Haring and New York City in the early 1980’s – in short, I liked it.


Marlien and I both agreed that Athens brought the best meals of our trip (read more about it on Marlien’s blog, Le Catch).  We loved Kuzina for dinner, feasting on zucchini balls in a spearmint sauce and crab cakes in a spicy aioli.  A fresh take on classical Greek fare.

Prosopa is in a former glass factory and considering our cab driver couldn’t even find it, it’s a bit off the beaten path.  We ate outdoors across the street from the actual restaurant and I suppose it’s good that the street is not a busy one, making all that server back and forth a bit safer!  The menu had a contemporary Italian vibe (and a Damien Hirst style homage) and we ate the most delicious mushroom ravioli ever.  Ever.

The best afternoon snack ever can be found at the fresh Greek yogurt shops that serve yogurt with toppings.  We are not talking Pinkberry here.  I’m talking full fat Greek Yogurt served with gorgeous nuts and dried fruit options.  I savored mine simply with honey and will miss this most about our Greek getaway!  Yum.

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