I had a birthday recently and as birthdays often do, it got me thinking.  I realized that since the birth of my daughter, who shares the same birthday month,  I haven’t celebrated me and my birthday as I’m so centered around her big birthday plans.  This year was going to be different.  I knew I wanted to share my day with close girlfriends and I wanted to do something special.  So the invite called for spandex and sneakers, and I surprised everyone with a trampoline disco party.  What better way to kick start your new year than with a kick ass fitness class that leaves you feeling healthy and strong?

JumpLife is the vision of Montserrat Markou.  Its first and only location happens to be two blocks from my house, making it exceedingly convenient.  They provide two class options, JumpDance, which focuses on all dance and cardio using individual trampolines, and JumpGym, which incorporates hand weights and some ab work.  You feel like a rock star (probably healthier than a rock star) when you leave this place and safe to say you’ve lost a pound in sweat.  I love my girlfriends for joining me to jump!

I’m committed to growing older gracefully and staying fit and sexy is part of the plan, as is putting the right foods into my body.  Fittingly, I received two books as gifts that fit right in with the plan.  One, the Art of Attention is a beautiful book (workbook really) on an evolving yoga practice.  Perfect for me since I’ve been a yogi for over twenty years now.  The other, is a truly stunning cookbook (that word doesn’t do this work of art justice) called Plenty.  It’s the all-vegetable book I’ve been dreaming of, with photos that will blow your mind.

Another friend gifted me a ticket to the Edible Schoolyard NYC fundraiser.  Founded by Alice Waters, Edible Schoolyard works to bring gardens to schools where children who normally wouldn’t have access to fresh produce can grow their own.  They provide a hands-on edible education that includes teaching kids to embrace sustainable eating practices and to make food choices that will change their health.

If last year was about getting outside my comfort zone and experiencing new things, this coming year is the time to reconnect with friends over a healthy meal at home and get back to basics.  Less technology and more personal connection.  Health and wellness in body, mind, and spirit.  And appreciation for everything I have.