stephanie-johnson,-winston-Chic Traveler:  Winston Carney

Occupation:  Bifurcated Business Owner – Interior Designer / Pilates Studio Owner

Hometown:  Venice, California

From her offices in Venice, CA, a creative heart of Southern California, Winston Carney has helped record executives, venture capitalists, movie moguls, model moms, philanthropists and Hollywood talent realize the vision for their homes and offices.  She begins by getting to know their personalities and how they see their lives in their environments.   Winston takes the time to really listen to her clients throughout the process and empowers them to transform their ideas into multi-textured designs of intimacy, prosperity, community, strength and charm, rather than imposing a singular style on a project.  Winston’s years of experience and success have taught her the patience to envision one project at a time, to maintain the focus and integrity of each client’s vision.

Dream destination?  I’m an absolute Aman junkie.  Full stop.  Amanjena in Morocco has been on my wish list for some time.  I can’t think of anything better than combining Aman and Morocco!  Heaven on earth!

What’s always inside your carry-on?  I travel with just a carry-on no matter if I’m going for a weekend or a month, so everything really!  Including my slew of SJ pouches that keep me organized.

What’s on your plane play list?  Nouvelle Vague 1, 2 &3, Waxbeat, Billie Myers, The Streets, Propellerheads, Royksopp, Miike Snow . . . I’m a music junkie, so I could go on all day!


Your guilty pleasure while traveling?  Literally that no one can reach me – total escape really.  It’s my nightmare that they’ll start letting people use phones on planes!

The Stephanie Johnson bag / bags that always make the trip?  The Jenny Train Case; the Medium and Large Flat Pouches, filled with jewelry and oodles of other items.

Is there a particular destination that inspires your creativity?  Anywhere in Asia.  I’m a huge fan – it is such a wonderful feast for the senses.

What’s the most stylish city/locale you’ve visited?  I just came back from Paris and had forgotten how wonderful the women look there – they make a great effort in the morning before they walk out the door.  I love it.

If you were introducing a world traveling friend to SJ for the first time, what’s the first piece you’d recommend they buy?  Oh please!! There isn’t just one!  I can’t live without the Jenny Train Case.  I also love pouches in any size, and a mini makeup case is a must.

Your personal travel style:  (Do you like a luxury resort?  A private hideaway?  Do you prefer to lie on the beach?  Explore the countryside?  Well, you now know I’m a luxury resort hound though I have been known to back pack through the Himalayas with horsemen!!  Even in luxury I have to explore – the days are full from dawn to dusk.


The one thing that you cannot leave home without?  My SJ pouch full of my cables, cords, chargers, adaptors etc. . . . I’d be lost without them!

How do you pack/organize for a trip?  With a carry-on you have to be organized before – everything is laid out so I know I can mix it all up.

On your reading list?  Various newspapers, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, The Week and whatever book I am currently devouring.

Favorite in-flight pastime?  Bad movies!

Plane food or bring your own?  Generally, I don’t eat on flights unless they are international – then even in business I bring my own!

Any tips for breezing through airport security?  Get yourself on Pre Check and Global Entry – it’s genius!!

Window or aisle?  Aisle always!!

How often do you fly?  Once a month, at least.

Go-to flying ‘uniform?’  A comfortable black dress, with leggings and flying socks packed in my on board tote!

Business or economy?  Business if I can help it!

Do you work in-flight or use the time to unwind?  Total down time.  Even headed to a meeting, I like to be ready before I board the flight.