There are a lot of reasons to visit The Beverly Hills Hotel, but you may not know that their valet is one of them.  On a recent visit I was reminded of an exceptional experience I had there several years ago before kids.  In those days I flew around town topless in a fancy car (referring to my convertible, not my dress!) and would breakfast by the pool at the BHH every Saturday.  I would start my morning with a windy drive up Sunset Blvd., hair in a topknot, blasting some top pop hit.  I’d arrive at the BHH valet where everyone knew my name and they would park my car steps away on the drive next to the Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

On this particular day I needed to run an errand after my breakfast, so I valeted the car at a nearby outdoor mall.  Then back in the car to head for a massage.  These were the days before the BHH had their La Prairie Spa, and I would go to another top hotel for an hour and a half massage after my breakfast.  So imagine my surprise when I walked out of my massage spaced out and relaxed, only to find the entire front quarter driver’s side panel of my car completely smashed!

The hotel where I had my massage (and had been having regular treatments for years) accepted no responsibility for the damage.  They said they asked all their valet staff and no one hit the car.  Of course, they didn’t acknowledge the damage when I arrived either and there is no way I would NOT have seen that half my car was totaled.  So feeling dazed and confused, I went back to the mall valet.  Same story there.

I didn’t even bother to go to the BHH valet because let’s face it, they were my first stop and they parked my car exactly three feet from where I left it.  No way they did it.

After follow up calls with the other hotel and mall valet operator, it was clear no one was taking responsibility (let this be a lesson!) so I called Leon Smith Parking Service, the BHH valet, just to cover my bases.  They said they would ask around and get back to me.  They got back to me within the hour and told me that none of the parking personnel had seen anything.  BUT because I was such a valued client, they wanted to take care of the damage for me.  YES, The BHH brought my car to their body shop, totally restored my car to its former perfection, and paid the tab.

In today’s world with so many options of where to shop, eat, spa, and stay, customer service is really the deciding factor on where I want to spend my time and money.  Needless to say the Beverly Hills Hotel is a favorite destination whenever I’m in L.A., and maybe it should be yours, too.