A thriving European city that’s awash in rich history and culture, Turin is positioned at the intersection of old world charm and modern chic.  With our Stephanie Johnson Turin Collection, multicolor zigzag weave pays homage to the city’s vibrant baroque architecture, grand boulevards and numerous outdoor cafes, while sleek black patent leather trim and tassel zipper pulls are a nod to a nation at the forefront of fashion.

Want to meet Turin?  Check out this video:

Here are the other fabulous finds I’d bring along to help celebrate la dolce vita in this picturesque setting nestled at the base of the Italian Alps.

1.  Tulip Dress

2.  Multi Pack Enamel Zig Zag Rings

3.  Eric Javits Straw Hat

4.  Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

5.  J Brand Vera Mid Rise Skinny Jeans

6.  DVF Zia Sandals in Purple Suede

7.  Tinley Road Faux Leather Peplum Top