Chic traveler:  Molly Sims

Occupation:  Model, Actress, Jewelry Designer & Host

Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA

Model, actress and entrepreneur Molly Sims needs no introduction.  Recently, she welcomed her first baby – a boy named Brooks – with husband Scott Stuber, and she sat down with Stephanie to dish about traveling chic, her pregnancy, and her love of Stephanie Johnson bags.

As a traveler, do you always go to the same place or do you like to try something new?  As a model and actress I’ve been blessed to travel all over the world for work.  For pleasure, I tend to visit my favorite locales.  I’ve lived in Paris, London, Milan, and now New York and LA so I’ve really gotten to know so many other cultures and experience really amazing things.  I am always up for something new; this past year I have gone to the Bahamas and Mexico.  Traveling home (Kentucky) is always fun.

What are your favorite types of destinations?  (Are you a beach bum? City dweller? Rustic adventurer?)  I really enjoy the beach.  We have a house in Cabo and we love going down there with friends and family and just relaxing.  I also bought an old barn 12 years ago in the Hamptons.   This is the first place I’m taking my new baby.  The one thing I can say about me is that I’m always up to travel somewhere new.

What inspires you most when you’re in a new location?

  How people decorate!  I’m a big design geek and I love checking out local home goods stores and flea markets wherever I visit.

Where did you head on your babymoon and why did you choose that location?  Palm Springs.  It’s not a far drive from LA (my back was killing me to sit for long periods of time).  I love the laid back vibe of Palm Springs.  This time of year it is too hot out there for anyone to move too fast!!  A good friend of ours is loaned us his gorgeous home to stay in.  I didn’t leave the spa because it was so hot!

Did you partake in any spa treatments on your trip?  Prenatal massage, etc.?  When you are pregnant your options for spa treatments are pretty limited.  I love a god hot tub, steam room and body scrub, but those are all off limits when you are pregnant.  I definitely took advantage of a pre-natal massage and a mani/pedi when I was there.

How did pregnancy affect your travel style?  I’m a very organized person, especially when I travel.  So many road trips during my modeling days taught me well.  If you don’t pack properly, you could be out in the middle of nowhere without something important.  I don’t think I’ve changed very much since getting pregnant, but I do have a bit of anxiety when I think about when we start to travel after the baby.  I see my brother (with my 4 year old nephew) and how much stuff he and his wife have to pack and schlep around when they travel.  I love Stephanie Johnson travel bags because they are beautiful, chic and extremely functional.  I have three different sets that are always packed and ready. One set for the beach, one set for travel and one set for every day.  I love the patterns and how she mixes gold and orange and cream and gold.  I also love the multi-colored set (Large Flat Pouches in Malibu Aqua, Malibu Lemon and Lima Blue).  I took that set with me to the hospital when I had my baby.

Favorite travel ritual or souvenir?  I shop most when I travel.  I love the ultimate find.  Whether it’s a great book, picture frame, a great blouse . . .  Sometimes I will look on the internet and locate all the great places I want to go.  I’m the girl that really uses the city shopping guides they always have in magazines.

How was traveling while pregnant different than traveling any other time?

   It’s actually easier because I can only fit into 5 things!

How does it affect your packing?  What comforts of home did you bring with you?

  My pillows, my food, and all my vitamins.

How can Stephanie Johnson pouches/bags help keep your organized while traveling?

  They keep me so organized in a very chic way.  I like that they come in different sizes so you can use them as set or alone.  You can throw them in any bag.  I LOVE THEM.

What’s your favorite Stephanie Johnson bag to take with you?  The crème and gold set (Palm Desert White).

What’s inside?

  I have a specific one just for makeup, one for hair products and one for pens and sticky notes with my chapstick and glasses.

Is there anything on your Stephanie Johnson wish list?  I wish she’d make a diaper bag!

Do you have your first post-baby getaway planned? Do tell!  The Hamptons (my barn that I rehabilitated).  We’re going there in one month and I am so excited!!!!!  I’ve been doing the 40-day rule and haven’t left the house but twice to get my roots done.  Yes, I will have my color done no matter what!